You might remember a card we mailed out awhile back using this art by John Bonath.  He created the imagery from special hand-spun Iranian yarn that we use for our rug restoration.  John is part of our family here at RMR. He has done our photography and design for the last 26 years.  His work abounds on our website.  I’d like to take a moment to promote this art and the Shared Visions Project. – Robert Mann




We are perhaps like neurons
that never touch—
but that doesn’t stop
the chemical buzz,
the lightning charge
the electric thrill
that leaps the gap—
and in that span
all meaning is made,
long red ropes of memory
twisting and knotting,
braiding, unbraiding,
and nothing
is ever the same.

– Rosemerrry Wahtola Trommer


“Synapse Tapestry Triptych” (studies with hand-spun yarn from Northwestern Iran) by John Bonath
archival pigment ink on canvas, hand-worked with oils and acrylic veneers, three panels, 52″H x 126″W


“Shared Visions 2” is a project that has brought together Colorado artists in a unique way, building a community of artistic inspiration and culminating in recognitions and a performance of new music by Ars Nova Singers. 

The project began with visual artists being chosen to submit artwork.  Selected poets responded to the visual art with their poetry.  An anthology was created of the art and poetry.  Then, four composers were commissioned to each select one work and in response, write a new choral piece for the Ars Nova Singers to premiere.

One of the four “teams” consists of visual artwork by John Bonath, poetry by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and choral composition by Paul Fowler.

Other team finalists included in the upcoming performance are:

Leanna Kirchoff (composer), Erin Robertson (poet), Elizabeth Woody (visual artist)
Jeff Nytch (composer), Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer (poet), Grace Gee Ajemian (visual artist)
Thomas Edward Morgan (composer), Christine Weeber (poet), Kimmerjae Macarus (visual artist)


The premiere of these works will be performed by
The Ars Nova Singers

Friday, April 26, 2019

Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden
Cherry Hills Village, CO

Saturday, April 27, 2019

St. John’s Episcopal Church
1419 Pine Street
Boulder, CO

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Tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for 21 and under



About this artist team

I can’t say enough about how thrilling it is to be teamed with my associates on this project.  I hope you have some time to check out a little of our art, poetry and music and consider coming to the Ars Nova concert.  Rosemerry, Paul and I will be in attendance at the April 27th Boulder concert. – John

John Bonath

In a couple months, John will be launching a massive new website and blog.  If you are interested in being on John’s art-related mailing list (recipients not presently on his direct mailing list) please send your name to and simply put the word “subscribe” in the header.

Recently John exhibited two new images from “The Forest” series at the CHAC Gallery in a group exhibition entitled “Storytelling: through the lens” His work received an award from jurors Geoffry Shamos and Rupert Jenkins of Denver University’s Myren Gallery.

More of John’s work can be viewed on his present website at

Artist Statement
As an artist, I do not simply try to please the eye but to activate the imagination to ponder, wonder, emote, relate and somehow cause a personal interpretation to take place.  “Synapse Tapestry” is a psychological study in red.  The rose-madder root used to dye this hand-spun yarn from Iran is a very blood-like color from antiquity that is used in rug-making.  The identification of the yarn is but a place to grab onto and jump off from.  My imagination takes me to a place inside the body, or underwater, where synapse-like energy is transmitted through the organism.  It is a visual journey into my own subconscious psyche touching on the nature of physical mortality.  A place that others are invited to journey into and have their own interpretive experience.


Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
Rosemerry (aka Wordwoman) is a poet extraordinaire living in Placeville, CO (a small town on the Western Slope of the Rockies).  She’s very excited to have just found out she will be performing in the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, NC later this year.

Her fabulous new book of poetry, Naked for Tea, was a finalist for the Able Muse Book Award and is now available! For more on her books and such visit her website at:

Rosemerry also does a weekly podcast on “creativity” that she co-hosts with scientist Christie Aschwanden :

Here is a link to her daily poems:

I very highly recommend her great Tedx talk on The Art of Changing Metaphors… very inspiring and entertaining.  Check it out at:>


Paul Fowler
Paul is a brilliant and fun musician and composer.  A number of his contemporary choral compositions have been debuted by the Ars Nova Singers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer – “Sourcing materials parsed from the world’s spiritual traditions and natural beauty, Paul Fowler’s music will “work on you from the inside out”.

The Washington Post – “Fowler draws from his experience as a vocalist, improvising pianist and electronic musician to integrate old and new into emotionally intense works.”

The New York Times – “Paul Fowler’s works are radiant, ghostly and shimmering.”

You can listen to a playlist of Paul’s music at:


The Ars Nova Singers



Specializing in a cappella music of the Renaissance and the 20th and 21st centuries, Ars Nova Singers of Boulder, Colorado  celebrates its 33rd concert season in 2018-2019. The professional-core ensemble conducted by founding Artistic Director Thomas Edward Morgan is composed of selectively auditioned choral musicians from the Denver/Boulder metropolitan region. In its history, Ars Nova has presented over 400 performances of more than 100 different concert programs.

To listen to a sampling of Ars Nova music (and some of Paul Fowler’s choral compositions) here is a link.