Rug Restoration

Rugs lead tough lives. Pets, moths, furniture, and the wear and tear of daily use take their toll. Eventually, rugs may need care beyond cleaning to repair frayed ends, edges, and holes.

Restoration is a technical skill and an art. The best repairs match materials, weave structure, and color undetectably, restoring both value and function to a rug.

How We Work

Restoration and repair is skilled work done entirely by hand. Simple repairs can stabilize a rug to keep further damage from occurring. Large-scale restorations can re-weave or replace missing and damaged areas. We perform repairs at our workshop in Denver and at our partner workshop in Izmir, Turkey.

We know rugs and have had the best teachers. Our work has allowed us to study extraordinary weavings with the most knowledgeable curators, dealers, collectors, and restorers.

What We Work On

We work on hand-made rugs, but can also restore  European tapestries, hooked rugs, modern art textiles, needlepoints, ecclesiastic vestments, and the occasional teddy bear or stuffed frog. We can find a solution to nearly any textile restoration problem.

Overseas Restoration

Our restoration staff in Denver is talented, but there are times when restoration overseas is a better choice.

Antique Textile Conservation, ATC, our sister company in Izmir, Turkey, was established in 1990 and we have represented them in the United States exclusively ever since.

Textiles sent to ATC for restoration are registered with US Customs and shipped via air freight directly to the Aegean Free Trade Zone in Izmir. We provide quotes, insurance, customs brokerage, and shipping services for our clients rugs traveling to Izmir for restoration.

Antique Textile Restoration, Turkey — Gallery

Every restoration and repair is different.  We can provide appraisal, assessment, and guidance to help you make informed choices. Contact us or stop by our facility any time to learn more.