After forty years, and a few previous moves, we are moving again. We plan to shut down wash operations at our old location starting July 23 and, with luck, be up and running at our new place no more than a week later.  Our official opening date for the new shop is August 1st.

The new building is located at 2151 West 56th Avenue, Denver, 80221.  It is just South of I-76 on 56th, midway between Pecos  Street and Federal Boulevard.  It is a great location and a wonderful building.  It has been fully renovated from top to bottom for our very specific needs.

Our wash facilities are state-of-the-art.  We have systems in place that allow us to reduce our overall chemical use by half and that will filter all solid waste from our process water before it goes into municipal sewers for treatment.

It has been a long and complicated few years that have brought us to this point, but we are finally done and look forward to giving tours of the new building by September.  In mid-October we are hosting an event for the rug cleaning industry that will bring over 150 professional rug cleaners from around the US and overseas to Denver.

For more images on the entire construction process and image updates posted weekly, visit the gallery on our website.  Things have been moving very quickly and before long we will be in the final stage of the move.  We are all very excited to serve our clientele from this amazing new facility as of August 1st.