A year ago we were still waiting to see how the City of Denver would handle the forced move of our business and we were hoping that Adams County would approve our construction plans for the new wash plant.


It has all worked out… sort of.  I say that because no matter how carefully you plan, you don’t know exactly what will really happen until you begin.  There are building codes – regulations you never knew existed – and the costs of construction that can change your plans mid-stream. Things which seem like good ideas in concept, become impossible in fact.


The negotiations with the City of Denver representatives are drawing to a close. The process has taken a few years. In a situation that is intrinsically unfair, we have been treated fairly.  Though adversarial at times, our experience with the city has been that they are reasonable people doing a job I suspect they aren’t always happy about either.  Cities often condemn properties and make choices that change people’s lives. The process is not fair and many come away feeling badly about the outcome.  We have been lucky.


Our new location is nearly complete. We hope to move in late June.  We have a terrific architect, contractors, tradesmen, engineers, and construction workers that have made the building more than we had imagined it could be.  Also working with Centrum Force, we have built prototype wash machinery that we hope will set a new standard in how such machines work.  Kemco (a Florida company that builds and outfits commercial laundries) has installed a state of the art water treatment system that will allow us to put nearly clean water into the commercial sewer system as it exits our building. They also installed a system that supplies warm water to wash rugs, thus significantly reducing the need for cleaning agents.


This October fifteenth through the twentieth we will be hosting a week-long wash industry event.   Comprised of wash classes, hands-on training, and presentations by some of our industries foremost speakers, the audience will discuss the business and practice of rug washing. Organized by Centrum Force and ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists) the event will be an opportunity for anyone interested in our industry to sit and learn from the best. All are welcome.


If the attached photos spark your interest, you may wish to go to the Gallery page on our web site to see more. Our old friend John Bonath – the talented photographer responsible for the great images you see on our cards, advertising, and web site – has been documenting the progress on the new site from the beginning.  We will continue to post photos as we move in to our new wash facility.


04/17/2018 East side of building, enclosure for electrical station


05/02/2018 Future open-air rug drying area


03/29/2018 Structure for second floor restoration area, mezzanine and office areas


03/11/2018 Hot water storage tank for use in wash room


05/23/2018 Meeting with the city in future restoration area with air ducts waiting to be installed


03/16/2018 Rug washing room under construction