Perry Pearce
Needlepoint Artisan

photos and story by John Bonath
Posted by, September 26, 2022

Perry Pearce’s pop-up studio might appear in his living room one day and his sun-room the next.  Such is the advantage of a portable loom.  But do not be fooled by his small working space, the cubic space he occupies is filled with a very dense with concentrated work energy.  On a productive day, he […]

Restoring Navajo Blankets in Turkey

by Robert Mann
Posted by John Bonath, September 2, 2022

Does sending a mid-1800’s Navajo wearing blanket all the way to Western Turkey for restoration sound odd?  At one time, It was a strange idea – but not anymore.  Textile restoration is skilled hand work. It requires the right materials and a technical understanding of the weaving being restored in terms of structure, fiber, materials […]

RMR Rug Repair Workshop 2022

Posted by John Bonath, August 1, 2022

2022 rug repair participants with Robert Mann, Tanya Prochaska, Quinn Holt, Marife Hagebusch, Susan Brummett & Mosen Eadelati.   In July of 2022, Robert Mann Rugs Inc. hosted a three-day immersive workshop in rug repair and restoration.  The workshop was taught by Robert Mann and co-sponsored by Master Rug Cleaners of Dallas, Texas.  The course was […]

Robert Mann | Textile Expert

Posted by, January 20, 2022

Join Robert Mann, co-founder of Restoration Yarns and Robert Mann Rugs, for a discussion of key questions around the restoration of rugs and carpets in conjunction with The George Washington University Museum.   When: Sat, January 29, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EST   |   Where: Virtual   |  REGISTER HERE   Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning: Restoring Rugs […]


Posted by Robert Mann, November 11, 2019

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Izmir, Turkey at the Antique Textile Conservation’s workshop.  We reviewed textiles we had sent them to work on. That visit was followed by two weeks of touring with a group of American rug cleaners. It was a memorable trip. As a foreign visitor it […]

The Shared Visions Project

an upcoming arts event
Posted by Robert Mann, April 12, 2019

You might remember a card we mailed out awhile back using this art by John Bonath.  He created the imagery from special hand-spun Iranian yarn that we use for our rug restoration.  John is part of our family here at RMR. He has done our photography and design for the last 26 years.  His work […]