Rug Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning handmade rugs. Our processes are simple and effective. We can clean any type of area rug, even those with unstable dyes or condition problems requiring special handling.

Almost every rug or textile can be washed. We use expert judgment and skill to decide how each rug should be cleaned to get the best results.

The Cleaning Process

We examine each rug, looking for damage, unstable dyes, stains or other problems that may require special treatment. Fragile areas are noted and may be sewn to protect them during the wash process. Rugs are ‘dusted’ mechanically to remove as much dry soil as possible before cleaning begins. Stains and problem spots are pre-treated if necessary.

Rugs are washed in water using cleaning agents specific to each rug’s condition. Controlled washing practices remove soil, stains and odor causing residues. Migration of un-stable color is managed. Existing color run can be removed. Rugs are flushed with water and rinsed completely, removing all remaining traces of soil. Finally, all water is extracted and rugs are air-dried, usually in a matter of hours. Once fully dry each rug is examined, brushed, vacuumed, and groomed to look it’s best.

Your rug is rejuvenated. Soft, fresh, and free of odors. images

Stains and Spills

Some of the toughest stains to clean at home, such as red wine or pet stains, are simple to remove. We do so every day. Our process removes organic odors safely and effectively. We do not use perfumes to mask odors. We can usually modify our use of cleaning agents to accommodate individual needs or allergies.

Southwestern Textiles

We specialize in cleaning Navajo and Spanish rugs and blankets of the American Southwest. Often fragile and stained, these weavings can be challenging to clean. Our effective cleaning process removes soil and stains, while managing unstable dyes. Existing color run can be improved, or removed entirely. images

Every rug is different and outcomes depend on rug type and problem severity. We can discuss predicted results before beginning any work. Experience makes us confident. We will help you make informed choices.  Contact us or stop by our facility any time to learn more about what we do.